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 Juventus Concert Wind Band Sopron


In 1962, the band is formed in the Fenyő tér Primary School in Sopron, Hungary, its main purpose being to follow the traditions of the German-speaking minority there. Their founder and first conductor is Mr János Tarján.

In 1964, they make their first appearance in Csillebérc (in a famous pioneers' camp at that time). In 1972, Mr János Fohner takes over the leadership. The group has a new conductor... and even a newer one: Dr András Friedrich is conducting the band now (since 1975). In 1976 was their first major tour abroad in Moscow, Russia. They get their home reputation at festivals of youth brass bands in Sopron and Komló.

Late in the 1970's, and early in the '80's the permanent and regular replacement of musicians is carried out when young learners of the Sopron Music School interested in brass music continuously keep arriving at the rehearsals.

Local promenade concerts increase the number of performances, and the band becomes a permanent participant of the Sopron Festival Weeks.

Major trips at home and abroad:

1979: Trencsény (the Czech Republic)

1983: Veszprém (Hungary)

1986: Almhult (Sweden)

1987: Komarno (the Czech Republic), Neckenmarkt (Austria), Zánka (Hungary)

1988: Erfurt (Germany)

1990: Paderborn (Austria - Europe House, an international event)

1992: Dedemsvaart (the Netherlands)

1993: Dedemsvaart (the Netherlands)

1994: Vedbaek, Copenhagen (Denmark), Neudrossenfeld (Germany)

1995: Rorschach (Switzerland), Kempten (Germany)

1996: Nabburg (Germany)

1997: Bolzano (Italy), Kempten (Germany)

1998: Mór (Hungary), Neudrossenfeld (Germany), Viennese Festival Weeks (Austria)

1999: Viennese Festival Weeks (Austria)

2000: Nürnberg (Germany)

Our Austrian connections started in the early 1980's, and the band has reached the highest scores at qualifications in Austria several times since 1992. Győr-Moson-Sopron County was represented by the group at national festivals in 1983, 1985 and 1987. As a result of the Premium Golden Award of 1988, the following year our band was chosen to play for Hungary at the Silver Griff International Festival of Youth Wind Bands in Rostock (Germany).

With the help of the Foundation For Young Wind Musicians, started in 1990, and with the support from the budget of the Ferenc Liszt Cultural Centre and that of the Children's House, the orchestra's financial background has become much firmer.

Appreciating the excellent musical performance, in 1991 our artistic group received the Eminent Ensemble of the Hungarian Republic Award, then the International Festival Orchestra Gold Certificate.

Our first audio cassette was made back in 1992, then in 1995 our first CD and cassette was released with the title "Prom in Sopron". "Here is our 3rd one" was the name of the next disc that came out in 2001, and our most recent material, "Music without borders" was published in 2004.

Some of the orchestra's most enjoyable experience is that, since 1991, year after year they have been taking active participation in the Conductors' Training Summer Academy arranged by the Hungarian Wind Music Association.

At the end of 2000 according to a C.I.S.M. proposal for the first time in Hungary, it was our orchestra that took part in the "Euro-compatible" qualifications, and won the Premium Gold Certificate in the concert band category.

(C.I.S.M. is: Confédération Internationale des Sociétés Musicales, the International Confederation of Music Societies, which has its president in Switzerland, its financial operations in Lichtenstein, and its German, French, Dutch and Slovenian members in the leadership. The Hungarian Association of Wind Music and Majorette Groups has been a member of it since 1998. Their main aim is to keep to the high level of mastering wind music and that of the related arts. In addition to those mentioned, they also organize competitions, and they commission composers to write contemporary pieces of music for brass- and woodwind instruments.)

In 2001, the orchestra participated in the Via Salina Euro-Regional Festival in Sonthofen. The following year, in 2002, they could celebrate the 40th anniversary of their existence and it was when they were given the Honorary Certificate of the Association of Hungarian Wind Music Groups and also the Pro Sopron Certificate of the Local Authority of the County Town Sopron.

In 2003, the first place was won by the orchestra in the 2nd Competition of Wind Bands and Majorette Groups in Kiskőrös, Hungary and also the third place went to our majorette group. The Best Soloist and the Best Drum-Major special awards are owned by members of our band, too. In 2004, besides local and home appearances it was the first time they had been to Slovenia, and after long years to Slovakia as well. The band was qualified as a premium gold medallist in Eisenstadt, Austria, then took fifth place in the "Mid-Europe" Wind Music Competition in Schladming, Austria.

In 2005, in the Schladming Festival again, the ensemble reached the 7th place in total. Afterwards in Kiskőrös they finished the III. International Brass Band and Majorette Competition and Festival on rank two. Before the Christmas Concerts the orchestra participated to an another commanding program: at the 10th Hungarian Qualification Concert of the Hungarian Association of Wind Music and Majorette Groups achieved with 95 total points in the category of the concert orchestra and with 96 total points in the show category (both in the stage 'C') an excellent golden diploma.

In August 2005 was registered a new endowment by the commercial court, with the name Sopron Juventus Concert Wind Band Foundation. Since September 2005 is Mihály Vida the conductor of the next generation troop.

Before 1977, the official residence of the band at first was in the Fenyő Square Primary School, then it moved into the Library Club in Bánfalva, and it was only at the end of 1981 when they were taken over by the late Pioneers' House. From 1982 their name was Pioneer and Youth Wind Orchestra, and after 1988, Sopron Youth Wind Orchestra. After having gone through several transformations and integrations, the institution finally found its place in the system of the Liszt House of Culture, and worked on under the name of Children's House.

The Children's House was closed down in 1998, its function and enhanced duties have been inherited by the newly-built Children and Youth Centre. Since then, the band's permanent place for rehearsals and its headquarters can be found here. Since 1999 the group has officially been called Juventus Concert Wind Band.